In this part of the Summer Shoals Guide you will learn about Commuting Workers, Spectating Cities, and more.

IMPORTANT: If you are stuck in the Summer Shoals Scenario, see here - SimCity: Summer Shoals Nothing Happens

This continues the Summer Shoals walkthrough. For the previous part of the walkthrough, see:

Summer Shoals Walkthrough Part 8

City Name[edit]

Summer Shoals

City Administrator[edit]

Eva Stanton


Commuting Workers[edit]

Commuting Workers 1/5[edit]

Looks like most of the protesters have dispersed now. Eva's got one last favor to ask. Click the Speech Bubble.

Commuting Workers 2/5[edit]

First, let's have a look at how many workers we have commuting to Lucky Shores. Click the Region View button.

Commuting Workers 3/5[edit]

The Workers menu can show you how many workers are commuting. Click the Workers button.

Commuting Workers 4/5[edit]

There are data maps in region view too. Click the Low Wealth ($) Workers Map button

Commuting Workers 5/5[edit]

The large arrow shows the direction our commuting workers are traveling to Lucky Shores

Spectating Cities[edit]

Spectating Cities 1/7[edit]

Let's go check out Lucky Shores and see how mayor Chet Keno has laid out his city. Click Lucky Shores.

Spectating Cities 2/7[edit]

You can visit any neighboring city to see how they've built their city. Click to visit Lucky Shores.

Spectating Cities 3/7[edit]

Nice city, huh? Lucky Shores is a tourist hotspot. There's a strip of casinos along the cliffs, highrise hotels and loads of mass transit. Take some time to look around.

Spectating Cities 4/7[edit]

Mayor Keno has made Lucky Shores a gambling city. Specialized cities can focus on improving their cities to help the region. Click "Okay" when you're ready to move on.

Spectating Cities 5/7[edit]

Any mayor can elect to specialize to improve both their city and help the region. Have a look around Lucky Shores. Click "Okay" when you're ready to move on.

Spectating Cities 6/7[edit]

Let's not gawk like a tourist. We'd better talk to Ch... wait! What's that in the sky?

Spectating Cities 7/7[edit]

Oh no! We better get out of here! Click the Exit Spectator button.


Congratulations 1/2[edit]

Whew! That was close. You should talk to Eva. Click the Speech Bubble.

Congratulations 2/2[edit]

Well done! You've completed the SimCity Getting Started scenario and made Summer Shoals a happy place to live. Now it's time to move on and start a new city. Good luck!

This concludes the SimCity tutorial walkthrough.