Trade Depot in SimCity

The Trade Depot is a building in SimCity

How to Build[edit]

The Trade Depot is part of the Trading Specialization and can be found in the specialization menu (shield icon in bottom left corner), under the Trade Tab.

Ingame Description[edit]

Import, export and store resources like coal and crude oil with this basic unit. Also accepts freight shipments for industry. Additional Trade Depots attract more trucks from the Global Market. Does not require power or water to function.

Global Market Delivery[edit]

Every 60 minutes


$10,000 Simoleons



Upgrade Modules[edit]

Trade Depot Sign

Freight Truck Garage

Freight Shipping Warehouse

Coal Storage Lot

Crude Oil Storage Lot

Raw Ore Storage Lot

Metal Storage Lot

Alloy Storage Lot

Fuel Storage Lot

Plastic Storage Lot

Processors Storage Lot

Computer Storage Lot

TV Storage Lot