A False Front in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

“A False Front” is an Imperial Legion Faction Quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim



Having reported to General Tullius, you will be sent to Pale Imperial Camp. Once again, at the camp, you will want to report to Legate Rikke. She will tell you that they need to get their hands on some Stormcloak Orders.

Find the Stormcloak Courier[edit]

There are 2 locations that the Stormcloak Courier can be found. In Windhelm you can encounter one in the Candlehearth Inn. Otherwise, you will want to visit the Nightgate Inn.

Inside either Inn, you will want to talk to the Innkeeper: Elda Early-Dawn in Candleheath Inn and Hadring in Nightgate Inn. If you have a Speech 50, you will be able to succeed in the Persuasion. You can always succeed by Intimidating and can usually succeed with bribery. The Nightgate Inn is recommended for its remote location. The Candlehealth Inn can be used to track down the courier, but you will need to follow him out into the wilderness or attempt to pickpocket him inside the inn.


This will prompt them to tell you that the Courier should be back in a while. Wait an hour and the courier will likely appear.

If you talk with the innkeeper, this will make it easier for you to track the courier if you head outside as well. They will be marked at this point.

Retrieve the Stormcloak Courier's package[edit]

You can either watch him and wait for him to head either into the wilderness. Inside the Inn, wait for him to either leave or go to bed.

In the wilderness you can ambush him or talk with him and then engage him.

A False Front - Imperial

Taking down the Courier, loot him and retrieve the Stormcloak Documents.

Bring the documents to Legate Rikke[edit]

Fast Travel back to the Pale Imperial Camp. Find and talk with Legate Rikke. She will be grateful for the information inside. She will make some forgeries and then send you off to turn in the orders.

A False Front - Imperial

Bring the forged documents to Frorkmar Banner-Torn[edit]

With the forged documents, you can head to Dawnstar. You will want to then head into The White Hall.

A False Front - Imperial

In the back left room, you will find Frorkmar Banner-Torn. Talk with him and give him the orders. Do this and you will complete the quest.

A False Front - Imperial

Next Quest[edit]

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