Ahtar decapatating Roggvir in the execution

Ahtar is a male Redguard NPC in Skyrim. He is the executioner in the jail in Solitude


Ahtar is usually found in the Castle Dour Dungeon

When you first enter the city, he will be the executioner in Roggvir's Execution near the entrance.

He lives with Jala in Jala's House


Ahtar is the Jailer, Headsman, and Executioner in Solitude.


He wants you to help him kill some bandit leader that escaped from his jail. After you complete this quest, he can become your follower.


You can ask him about the next execution, he says it will probably be Jaree-Ra


Key to Jala's House

Castle Dour Dungeon Key

Orcish Sword