Avsilvund Excavation

Avsilvund Excavation is a dungeon in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This connects to Ansilvund Burial Chambers



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Avsilvund Excavation Map

Once inside the excavation, you can find a table at the bottom of the first slope. You will see a number of armor pieces and a leveled Blacksmith potion. Head forward into the first chamber. There is a Draugr who patrols the raised walkway. If you look to the right hand-side you can find an Iron Ore Vein nearby the raised walkway.

Head over to the right through the small hallway. Look ahead and you will spot a Draugr mining. There are also 2 dead Frostbite Spiders nearby this undead. Dealt with him then loot it all.

Go back to the raised walkway and head along it to the North. This will lead you to a hallway. Look for a small ramp on the left-hand side. This has a locked chest (Novice difficulty) that you can lockpick. Follow the hallway after that. It will lead to some wooden walls. Go around those and you will need to deal with a Apprentice Necromancer and 2 Draugr. Also, down the nearby hallway, you need to watch out for the Adept Ice Mage. The 2 spell casters with the draugr can be very deadly. Deal with them then continue to the South and through that hallway.

When you come to the part of the hallway with the wooden beams, start moving carefully. There is a pressure plate trap. Keep to the sides to avoid triggering it. Just keep going forward carefully. You will get to another hallway. Start moving through it carefully as there is a tripwire connected to a swinging mace. Trigger it to avoid getting hit by the trap. Head into the next room.

Avsilvund Excavation Map

This chamber has a Novice Storm Mage patrolling the upper walkway. Take him out and start up the ramp. This will trigger the internal quest for this dungeon to kill off Lu'ah Al-Skaven. Search the various inanimate Draugr in this area for loot. Turn to the East and look for the ramp down. Look ahead from there.

Avsilvund Excavation Map

Ahead of you is a trio of spell casters. Expect at least a Necromancer and a Storm Mages. You can also find an Arcane Enchanter in this room with a number of alchemical supplies. Be careful to keep the fight in the room with the fire and arcane enchanter. If you go deeper into the dungeon, then a large number of Draugr will be summoned to fight you.

Avsilvund Excavation Map

Lu'ah Al-Skaven will call out again as you leave this chamber. She will summon a number of Draugr and send them after you. Take out the 4 Draugr that are coming after you. After that, head over to the West. First go down to the end the room you are in. You will find a chest with some armor and other goodies inside. Next, head down the corridor leading away from this location to the North. Search the room you find yourself in for 3 Soul Gems. Turn to the West and take the stairs there up. Go to the North. Expect at least 1 Draugr to come after you here. In this upper area you can find a locked chest (Apprentice level) and another random Soul Gem. Go over to the West and look down. There is another Draugr mining there that you can easily take out. Head down into that area for yet another Soul Gem and a potion. Head back up and then go the Northwest. Drop down then head for the nearby upward ramp. You will find a locked chest (Apprentice level). After that, back track to the area where you last dealt with the Draugr mining. Look to the Southwest to find a passage leading deeper in.

Follow the passage. This will lead to another tripwire trap you can disarm. Do so to safely trigger the boulder trap. After that, deal with the Draugr in front of you. Turn to the right and start up the slope. You will encounter a Conjurer with an Atronach. Take them out. Time to solve a puzzle.

Avsilvund Excavation Turning Stone Puzzle[edit]

Avsilvund Excavation Turning Stone Puzzle

Head up to the stone pillars. You will see they have 3 symbols on them: Eagle, Whale and Snake.

The solution for the puzzle can be found in one of the books on the table. The first one, Lu-ah's Journal, just tells you about what has led this Redguard woman here. The second book, Of Fjori and Holgeir, has some strange animal references. If you look at the sequence they are mentioned, you can figure out the order for the Turning Stones.

You want them to read, left to right: Eagle, Snake, Whale and Snake. Now head to the nearby lever and pull it. If input correctly, the door will open. Otherwise a hail of arrows will fire on you.

Head across the platform carefully. In the middle of the bridge is another pressure plate trap. Go around it to either side to avoid the Flame Spurt that will trigger if it is stepped on. Just go through the door ahead of you to make it into the Ansilvund Burial Chambers