Beast form is available to Dragonborn you have contracted Lycanthropy. Once a day, they can transform into their Werewolf form for a base of 150 seconds. Each time you feed on a corpse, you will gain an additional 30 seconds of transformed time. You gain a boost in health (+50) and stamina (+100). Both of these can be increased with the Dawnguard Werewolf Perks). You receive a boost to Stamina Regeneration. Your carry capacity is boosted by 2000. Your unarmed attack is boosted more as you level up. For each feeding, you add 30 seconds of time to your transformed state and regain 50 Health.

With Dawnguard installed, the Werewolf form gains Damage Resistance. You also gain access to 2 rings. If you have Ring of the Hunt then you can gain Health Regeneration. If you can get the Ring of Hircine and break its curse then you can transform an unlimited number of times per day. You will also gain experience from feeding on Non-Undead NPC corpses.

Your Dragon Shout is replaced with Howl of Terror. This ability will frighten away foes and summon wolves to your aid.

Werewolf Growth[edit]

Level Attack Boost Damage Resistance
1-10 +0 0
11-15 +5 50
16-20 +15 100
21-25 +25 150
26-30 +30 200
31-35 +35 250
36-40 +40 300
41-45 +50 350
50+ +60 400


Werewolves are hated and feared by most NPCs. Only your active follower, members of the Dark Brotherhood, The Circle, The Thieves Guild, the Heroes of Sovngarde and M'aiq the Liar will not react poorly to your transformed state. Wolves also will not attack you and can aid you if you have Dawnguard.

This automatically unequips all weapons and armor. This temporally removes all Racial abilities and a number of Perk Abilities (like Magic Resistance) and Stone Benefits. You have no natural Health Regeneration and must feed to restore your health.

Leveling up as a Werewolf[edit]

The easiest way to level up as a werewolf is to enter a Bandit hideout in your transformed state. Just kill and feast as you fight your way on through. Be sure that the area contains no important NPCs as they almost all will immediately attack you on sight.

Use your first 4 Perks to gain Savage Feeding. With that, you also gain Werewolf experience for feeding on dead animals as well. This leads to you feasting on Giants and other creatures. This increase makes it a lot easier to get the needed feedings.