Bleak Falls Sanctum

Bleak Falls Sanctum is a dungeon in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is part of Bleak Falls Barrow

Connected Areas[edit]

Bleak Falls Temple


Just after you make it through the entrance you will find another Swinging Blade Trap that you will need to worry about. Just like before, it is very easy to sprint through it. Those adventuring through later can use Whirlwind Sprint for a fast trip through. On the far side of the trap you will encounter some Draugr that will be emerging from their coffins nearby the door. There are also a number of pots and oil traps that you can use to familiarize yourself with their use.

This leads right to the puzzle door: The Golden Claw.

Beyond the Door requiring the golden claw is your first Word Wall. Approach it until you can see a few symbols glowing. Before you get too close, get at the chest nearby the local coffin. This lets you grab just a bit more loot before triggering the boss fight in this dungeon. After that, approach the glowing words and learn one for Unrelenting Force.

This will place you against a strong Draugr. With your back to the wall, it is a good idea to start running as soon as you hear it stirring. The next part depends on how you like to fight. Try to keep distance if you have been training as a Mage or an Archer. You can rush over to the far side of the stream to get a lot of time. For melee fighters, just get in there and start swinging. As your first real boss fight, likely, you will want to heal on the earlier side as this Draugr can deliver a lot of damage.

When you defeat the Draugr, loot its body. This will give you the Dragonstone. Another chest can be found to the left of the stairs that are found in the back portion of this chamber, by the word wall. Loot the chest then head on up the stairs. While it looks like a dead end, you will see a handle nearby that you can interact with. Use it to reveal a way back out to Skyrim itself. Head on through.

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