Captain Aldis in Solitude

Captain Aldis is a male Nord NPC in Skyrim. He is an Imperial Soldier Captain.


Aldis is usually found in the courtyard near the castle in Solitude, training his guards in archery.

When you first enter the city, he will be overseeing Roggvir's Execution near the entrance.


Aldis is the captain of the guards in Solitude.


No News is Good News


You can ask him about Roggvir. Aldis tells you that what Roggvir did was honorable, but was not right.

If you talk to him in Stormcloak armor and say you support the Stormcloaks, he will be enraged and order the guards to attack you. A bounty will be added to your head.


Imperial Bow

Iron Greatsword

Steel Arrow