Fort Dawnguard in Skyrim

Dawnguard is the first quest in Skyrim: Dawnguard.

How to Start the Dawnguard Quest[edit]

To start the Dawnguard quest, either talk to a guard in a major city, or to Durak. You need to be at least level 10 to begin this quest.[1]

You will be instructed to go to Fort Dawnguard where you will get further instructions from the Dawnguards leader, Isran.


I've learned of a group of vampire hunters known as the Dawnguard. It seems they are looking for new recruits.


Speak with the leader of the Dawnguard


Go to Riften and from there go southeast and through a cave to Dayspring Canyon

Join Agmaer and follow him to Fort Dawnguard.

Talk to Isran.

Next Quest[edit]

Awakening, where you investigate Dimhollow Crypt


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