Gunmar. Talk to him to receive the Hunting the Monster side quest in Skryim: Dawnguard

Hunting the Monster is a side (Radiant) quest in Skyrim: Dawnguard.

Hunting the Monster is only available to Dawnguards.

Starting Location[edit]

The quest Hunting the Monster starts in Fort Dawnguard

Quest Giver[edit]

Hunting the Monster is given by Gunmar.


Gunmar has sent me to (Random City) where I am to learn the current whereabouts of the Master Vampire. I will learn this through interrogation of his last known contact (Random NPC), or searching for evidence. Once its location is obtained, I am to destroy the beast in its lair


Find evidence of the Vampire's whereabouts.

Kill the Master Vampire at (Radiant Location)


Find the vampire's last contact and question him or her. You can either persuade, intimidate, bribe, or pickpocket, and you will get a letter from the vampire telling you the location of the vampire. Then go there and kill the master vampire.[1]

Return to Gunmar in Fort Dawnguard when you are done.

Potential Contacts[edit]

Birna from Winterhold

Carlotta Valentia from Whiterun

Hamal from Markarth

Nenya from Falkreath

Susanna the Wicked from Windhelm

Potential Vampire Locations[edit]


Halted Stream Camp

Hob's Fall Cave

Stony Creek Cave


Random item


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