Korvanjund Halls

Korvanjund Halls is a dungeon in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim



Related Quests[edit]


Just follow the group as they head forward. There is initially fairly low risk in this area. Go with the group up the stiars in the back of the room. Look to the left. You will spot a second corridor heading off in that direction. You will see a dead Imperial and swinging blades above him. use Whirlwind Sprint Shout or a well timed run to reach this unlocked chest.

Go down to the end of the hallway next. You will see your group gather there. There are 2 dead bodies. With them is the Ebony Claw. Time to get to work on the Korvanjund Halls Puzzle Door.

The Jagged Crown

To open it you need to possess the nearby Ebony Claw. On the palm of it you can see the symbols needed to open the door and their order. To get this door open you will to arrange the Glyphs (Top to Bottom) as: Fox Door Glyph, Moth Door Glyph and Dragon Door Glyph. After that, interact with the claw trigger in the middle of the door. This will open the door. This leads to another large room.

There are 6 upright sarcophogi spread throughout this room. All of them have trapped Draugr inside. There is nothing to find in this room itself. Head over to the north. You will find passage that leads up to the balcony above. As you go along, look to the right. You will spot a random dagger next to some Garnets. Take the dagger to reveal a hidden passage nearby. This leads you to a hidden room. Go to the far end to find a stone door you can open. Inside is a trapped chest with a Health potion and a Flawless Amethyst next to it. Take a moment to disable the trap and then loot the chest for the money and goods inside. Now, get back to the balcony level. Head over to the East and cross to the next balcony. There is another unlocked chest there. On the Northern wall you can find the handle that you need to unlock the passage forward. The problem is that it also releases the Draugr. Heal up and get ready then use the handle. After that fight is done, follow the group to the doors. Just though here is the innermost part of Korvanjund: Korvanjund Crypt.