Korvanjund Temple

Korvanjund Temple is a dungeon in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim



Connected Areas[edit]

Korvanjund Halls

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Follow the group to the entrance of the Korvanjund Temple. Head inside after their briefing. Just inside you will find another Dead Bandit, a Cooking Spit and 2 bed rolls. There is a table with an unlocked chest underneath it. There are 3 weapon racks on the wall with a variety of Iron Weapons on them.

The entrance hall has another 5 Soldiers for you to deal with. Move forward with the Leader. When he gives a shout, attack the Soldiers. Clear them out as you climb the stairs. Start down them with your leader and the rest of the force. A few will stay in this area to hold it against reinforcements.

The Jagged Crown

Go down the stairs with the Leader. This leads to a room with 3 more Soldiers. Defeat them and continue to the North. The Leader will call for a stop in front of the doorway leading farther in. He suspects an ambush and will ask you to search around the area for another way. Use this time to search the sunken area you are in for burial urns. They have gold and usually some jewelry as well. To move forward, head up the stairs to the East. Look to the West and you will find a Locked chest (Novice level) with a random Soul Gem and health potion by it. Pick the chest and loot everything nearby. Make your way around to the Northern side of the room. Head on through the doorway you find there. Follow the hallway to the North.

The Jagged Crown

This next room has a number of Soldiers guarding the area. If you look to the ceiling, there are a number of jugs. Hitting these jugs with an arrow will cause them to drop and ignite the oil on the ground. This is a great way to thin out the number of soldiers in the area. It helps a lot to head to the Northern end of this area before attempting to Snipe or sneak attack any of them. This gives you easy access to all of them. There are a total of 4 Soldiers to be found here.

The Jagged Crown

When you finish the fight, take some time to search the Eastern section of the lower area of this room. You will find a short set of stairs leading to a chest. To the left of the chest is a skeleton with the skill book Jornibret's Last Dance. Read it, loot the chest and then start after that group.

Follow the force into the next room. You will find a dead Draugr along with the bodies of 2 Soldiers. The party will hold up here for a minute while the Leader tells the group something about Draugrs. Just follow them to the entrance of Korvanjund Halls.