Redguard Male
Redguard Female

Redguard is a Race in The Elder Scrolls series.


The most naturally talented warriors in Tamriel are the Redguards of Hammerfell. Dark Skinned and wiry haired, they seem born into battle. They all possess a strong sense of pride and fierce independence make them better scouts, rangers or skirmishers of any type than any other kind of Soldier. Redguards are versatile in their approach to any combat situation. They can freely change between melee, spell casting or bow, adapting their tactics to the situation at hand.

Starting Skill bonuses in Skyrim:

One-Handed +10

Archery +5

Block +5

Smithing +5

Destruction +5

Alteration +5

Starting Spells[edit]



Racial Abilities[edit]

Adrenaline Rush

Poison Resistant: 50% Poison Resistance