Unbound is the first quest of the main storyline in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


The quest starts with you on a carriage being taken as prisoner to Helgen

Others on your cart are Lokir of Rorikstead, Ulfric Stromcloak, and Ralof

You arrive at Helgen. There you see the Imperial Captain, General Tullius and Hadvar

Lokir tries to escape but gets shot with an arrow in the back


A prisoner is decapitated


You get called forward, but as you are about to be decapitated, a Dragon shows up, letting you escape in the chaos that ensues[1].


You can now either follow Hadvar or Ralof

You enter the keep with either Hadvar or Ralof


Then you make your way through the back of the keep to try and escape Helgen

In the end you emerge through the back gate outside of Helgen. Either Ralof or Hadvar suggest you make your way to Riverwood

The next quest you get is Before the Storm


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