To start a Multi Player game:

1. Select "Play" in the main menu.

2. Select "Multi Player" mode.

3. You can either create a lobby or join to existing game or lobby.

4. To create a lobby, press "Create Lobby". Wait for other player to join (4 maximum) - and follow single player procedure.

5. To join an existing game or lobby, search for it in the list under “Available games and lobbies". Select the game or lobby you want to join - then in the lobby, mark “Ready" to vote to start the game. Wait for the lobby leader to start the game.

Note: There is no save-game for multiplayer games. Multiplayer games do not affect single player save games.

The Main Menu in Spintires
The Multiplayer Menu in Spintires 1) existing game or lobby 2) Join A) Create Lobby B) Friend only game