The GAZ-66 was first made in 1964, and production stopped in 1999. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/GAZ-66


The B-66 is a good all-round truck. The truck has all wheel drive, and a diff. lock that can not be turned off. The truck does not easily get stuck in mud, and is good at climbing hills, due to it's all wheel drive. The truck is a must-have on the River Map, and any other map where you can not get good trucks for the game balance.


Fuel Capacity 160 L
Max Damage 400
Winch Points 3
Game Balance Cost 2

Available Add-ons[edit]

The B-66 has only three available add-ons: the Spare Wheel, the Utility Attachment and the Garage Tools Cart. The Spare Wheel is a good add-on if you have the Garage Tools Cart attached since it doesn't weigh the truck down as much. The Utility attachment is great for repairing other damaged trucks. The Spare Wheel and the Utility Attachment cannot be attached at the same time.

The B-66 equipped with the Garage Tools Cart
The B-66 equipped with the Utility Attachment add-on
The B-66 equipped with the Spare Wheel add-on