"Don't remove this line"[edit]

In the course of fixing some previous vandalism that removed the "Bookmark here" link target, an IP editor added a note saying "Dont remove this line, its handy... Derp Derp" which I have not retained in further reverting to replace the category links, which the vandal also removed. It seems to me that a good-faith editor won't remove the link target line, and a bad-faith editor will ignore the instruction not to, making it somewhat superfluous. If other editors disagree, they can, of co

St, Patrick's Day vandalism?[edit]

Why do people keep breaking the link to the page for the St. Patrick's Day skins in the description under the St. Patrick's Day SHiFT code listing by putting an unnecessary bracket in?

Cite Error?[edit]

This error is at the bottom of the page:

Cite error: < ref > tags exist, but no < references > tag was found

I thought it had to do with the big but it doesn't.

I also added a category to the page.

--Ackis 17:01, 27 June 2014 (EDT)

More Keys (June 13, 2014)[edit]

Hey, I'm new to the shift codes, and can confirm that all the PC ones you have still work as of June 13, 2014. I stumbled upon 2 others that you dont have and could add :)

K3KBT-ZXRXT-HCJXC-3B3JT-XTCXC (3 Golden Keys) K3K33-SFH5X-WBX5B-BJB33-Z9J3F (Halloween Skins)

Thanks for this awesome page!

This code C5KJB-CWKC6-J5TB3-TJJJJ-JBJSH is stating it is for a different game. Not for Borderlands 2. ???


all the PS3 codes doesnt seem to work for me? is it because i have the free ps+ borderlands 2 version? im from germany btw, help pls. :)

-> Hey there, I can confirm that for the last 2x10keys codes. Tried them with the PS-Plus Version, didn't work, deleted that and started with the disc version, worked. But one of the codes with 5keys did work with the PS-Plus Version too, so you have to try all of them.

Greetings and thanks from South Africa. You guys rock for keeping the page sorted. Appreciated.

Unsure where to post and or didn't want to mess up the formatting, but all ps3 codes were just entered and validated (minus the one that said possibly expired August 24th (@gearbox - 3keys)). Current time : 11:57 A:M 10/13/2013 CST US Timezone.-- PSN username Mezmith

Love you guys:e This page is the best for Shift Codes, my first place to look and it's always updated. Just a big thank you!

I really want to express my gratitude to those that update this page with new shift codes but please, can we refrain from creating new headings for every day then saying there was no codes released. I deleted all the dates that had no codes, and in the future lets try to keep this page nice and tight with updates only when codes are released

Without creating a new topic I would also like to say thanks to all those who keep this page up to date and organized. Your endless efforts are not in vain.

To whom ever runs this page. A great big thank you. The codes make a huge difference you ROCK

Back in January I cleaned up the whole page and made all the nice headers you see now. But certainly other people deserve credit e.g. Corvo, MechroJedi, all the random IPs who add new Shift Codes... Vincent2128 22:48, 11 March 2013 (EDT)


I removed the old codes and condensed the section a bit for clarity. If anyone disapproves please revert the changes. -cfg

Obviously nobody reads this page since old headings were removed and some smart person went and ADDED THEM BACK. Ug. What a waste of space, who cared that there were old keys 6 days ago?

And why now is "Latest shift codes" under "Old shift codes"? Ug, newbs.

Some people are curious to see how many codes were released and which they missed just to get an idea of how many keys they can expect to be released

Anyway I took "latest shift codes" out of "old shift codes" and placed it in its own heading GamerM 18:57, 25 October 2012 (EDT)

Thanks. Any chance a date can be followed with a #, such as Oct 19 (3), Oct 20 (4), etc rather than each individual date having its own section? I am not going to bother making any more edits (including adding keys when they are posted) because this wiki page is just going to be a huge jumble of freaking dates that really don't serve any purpose. It's obvious that past numbers of keys are no use in predicting the future.

Cleaned up the section of the old codes and just put a summary of what happened instead of a list of dates Corvo 19:56, 28 October 2012 (EDT)

Looks really great Corvo, thanks. WAY better than a list of codes that mean nothing.

To whom ever runs this page. A great big thank you. The codes make a huge difference you ROCK!

Cleaned up the writing in various sections a bit. Thanks all for maintaining and adding new codes! (0640, 13 May 2013 (EDT))

Don't think we need advertisements for play help in the GK section...

!!!! Can someone who knows how fix the "check here to scroll to the bottom link" in the Red Alert section, someone broke it when they were editing I think because it doesn't work now!!! Thank You for fixing the link!

Fixed. Axton 03:38, 30 December 2013 (EST)

Shift-Code listing order[edit]

  • Add in the year for the date. There are codes from 2012 and 2013 in the list and it is impossible to determine which are from Dec 5 of this year or Dec 5 of last year.
  • Reverse the listing order so that the newest date appears at the beginning, that way people don't have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to view the latest keys.
  • That said, maybe a small box at the very top of the page that precedes everything else for instant gratification, then they can scroll down to check for more.

Time standard[edit]

Can we try to keep the time standard? For almost 2 months is was CST (GMT/UTC - 6), as Gearbox headquarters are in that timezone. Then just have a conversion for those needing GMT/UTC available. (

No, I think the standard should be GMT/UTC. It is the widely accepted timezone for the whole planet and everybody knows (or should) what timezone they are in in relation to GMT. It only adds to confusion when you have to +/- to get CST to GMT and then convert from there.

Thanks for your opinion, thought I don't think it's entirely accurate.

How so? The world doesn't run on CST. The standard is GMT/UTC which when I'm in the EST I don't say oh I'm +1 CST. I say I'm -5 GMT. It doesn't matter where Gearbox is located.

So I will continue this in a discussion (as we've done for months) to agree upon something rather than just making changes and bitching. It's not about making CST a standard. Gearbox has always made announcements saying codes would be released at X:00 CST, etc. and they also provide this conversion. We have been using this as a basis for time for months. Now, two of you who have been on here for a week decide to change it up. Great. Thanks for learning why this was done in the first place. (

Admin here. For now we should keep it CST since that is the time Gearbox Software uses. But feel free to continue this discussion or other suggestions on how to improve the information here so that it's best presented to anyone no matter where they live. Admin 20:15, 3 February 2013 (EST)

I still don't see why it should be kept CST merely because Gearbox uses it. If they announce that codes will be released at so and so time CST then how does that affect what timezone you use here? For all of those in the rest of the world, they have to waste extra time converting to their timezone. After all, everyone knows timezones in formats like 'GMT +/- x', not CST. Vincent2128 01:28, 4 February 2013 (EST)

@Vincent2128, I don't think "Everyone" knows GMT. At least not in America, I actually think most people here would NOT know what GMT is (I know now that CST is GMT -6 but that's only because I looked it up). Anyway what I'm getting to right now is not whether is should be in CST or GMT, what I'm saying is that the assumption that "everyone" knows GMT is incorrect and therefore putting it in GMT might still cause confusion Setoset 02:06, 4 February 2013 (EST)

"Everyone" was a generalization (of everywhere else in the world that's not America). Most other people in the world typically use GMT +/- x to calculate time, and I thought it was so in America. Vincent2128 02:11, 4 February 2013 (EST)

Nope, in America people know only "PST", "CST", and "EST" Setoset 02:17, 4 February 2013 (EST)

Setoset, smart people who have perspective outside of their borders know about GMT. Stop showing the ignorance of the USA. FWIW I'm in Canada and it's super easy for me to convert from CST. I like thinking about other people. You should try it.

Was just contesting GMT being "widely accepted", and was saying that whatever is decided, someone will be unhappy. Anyway personally I live in PST not in CST so I just subtract 2 hrs from the time. So like if you are in Europe just remember to add 8 hrs or whatever the time difference is for your county, hardly wasting time, not like you have to calculate a rocket trajectory or something. Setoset 13:49, 4 February 2013 (EST)

That's where the problem lies...having to search google for how many hours behind GMT CST is and then converting takes longer. Vincent2128 20:51, 4 February 2013 (EST)

You only have to look it up once though...anyway regardless what time is chosen, most people will have to convert it to their time except those living in the timezone itself MechroJedi 20:56, 4 February 2013 (EST)

You don't even have to look it up once. The conversion CST = GMT -6 is already provided on the page. -- 19:04, 5 February 2013 (EST)

VGA/Award codes[edit]

Someone removed the codes earlier this week, even though they were still valid, so I put them back. Someone removed them again today, can anyone else confirm whether they are still valid or not (Someone who has not used them yet?) for now I am putting the codes back again Corvo 03:03, 14 December 2012 (EST)

I just tested all PS3 codes. The G4 was listed as expire but worked for me, so I removed the (expired) notation next to code. Pzycho242 (PSN) -- 00:19, 27 December 2012 (EST)

PC Code Hyphens[edit]

Someone removed the hyphens "-" from the PC codes, saying that its more easy to copy and paste if without the hyphens

What do other players here who play on PC think? include Hyphens or not?

Corvo 05:43, 26 December 2012 (EST)

I just removed them from the most recent codes. It's been hit an miss whether copy/paste works for me - I'll try it without the hyphens maybe that's the issue. --

Really, taking the hyphens out is completely unnecessary, but it doesn't hurt either. It has nothing to do with them "pasting properly", though. That's caused by leading/trailing spaces, which cause an error message when you hit Ctrl-V.

Taking the hyphens out does make them marginally easier to copy, though. To select a code, you'd triple-click the table cell. If it's all one word, you only have to double click to select it. But really who gives a shit -- 21:04, 26 December 2012 (EST)

I think let's leave it with Hyphens for now. Less confusing. But we can keep this discussion open in case more people think the hyphens shouldn't be there Corvo 01:40, 27 December 2012 (EST)

I'm not entirely sure where to post, there being so many different options. Just wanted to say that I've been typing in the 360 codes for the last 20 minutes, and the only one that worked so far was the very first one.. Less codes than I assumed??

Key count from codes[edit]

I just checked the codes present on this page and it seems to only give 21 keys. Not 31 as mentioned... Probably a typo.

ok changed it, am guessing someone started off with 10 golden keys before using them thats why he had 31 Corvo 15:01, 31 December 2012 (EST)

After checking all the codes on the site i gained 28 golden keys. 25th May 2013.

Hey I'm a new user to this... Question my bf and I put in the same exact codes at the same time and when we spin up the game he has 186 and I only have 78. I don't understand why that happened. Thanks for your help and the creation/upkeep of this resource. Viva_Darling 02 May 2015 ---

Golden Key Cheat[edit]

Can we just delete the "golden keys cheat" section? It's not working anymore. --

Do you mean the WillowDLC cheat? That was a major cheat and I think the section should stay for informational purposes. However, I added an "IMPORTANT" note, to make it clear that it no longer works. Corvo 14:14, 4 January 2013 (EST)

Good point. Thanks for your contributions here Corvo! 20:12 CST Jan 11 2013

But now at the bottom it says "tested 1/20/13 working" which I just checked and it doesn't, it now takes your key and items. 20:42 PST 1/21/13

The PC exploit for the Golden Keys cheat (ie. setting the profile.bin to "Read Only") is no longer working with the new update. July 25, 2013.

I just did it. It works for me. (Win7) you need to exit the game completely for the count to reset, but it DOES work. if you just return to the main menu, it does not reset the count. The .bin is updated (or tries to anyways) when the game closes. 8/24/2013

Just tested it (31st August) and it did not work. The game also saves to a Steam Butt that backs up your save, so it will load off that if they don't match up

(September 15th, 2013) While the .ini exploit has been disabled for quite awhile, the Profile.bin exploit does still work - and until they move Golden Key storage data to a different location or otherwise add "harder" redundancy in the form of some other (temporarily-)encrypted file, it should continue to work due to the fact that the game does not release Profile.bin from memory until Borderlands2.exe is terminated. (Note: this is why you must set the .bin file to read-only *before* opening Borderlands2 - if you're not doing so, you're technically performing the exploit incorrectly, and it usually won't work). For Steam: temporarily disable Steam Butt synchronization for Borderlands 2, perform exploit, done. Just tested at the time of writing this to make doubly-sure; it works like a charm.

I created a SHIFT account today and entered all the codes (PC) and it worked, got greedy and tried to do the 'read-only' .bin file. Keys are reset to 1 deleting the SHIFT account and creating a new one then link to borderlands 2. 'Code has been redeemed'. Keys are now 1. -28 August 2014

Just noticed today (9/17/2014) that the exploit works on my mechromancer and commando but not on my gunzerker or siren. Maybe the source of the confusion is that some of the classes save the data in a different spot?

I don't know that anyone will notice my addition to this years-old discussion, and as a new editor I don't feel entitled to make a change this large without some sort of consensus, but what do folks think of the idea of keeping the content of the Cheats section, but splitting it into its own article, with a link to that article from this one? The pros to this would be: 1) Making this article somewhat tidier and shorter, and 2) saving some bandwidth drain, since I'd bet 99% of visitors to the page will be here for the latest code, for which they may visit numerous times, while only ever needing to visit once to learn the cheat. The major downside, obviously, is that the Cheats article would be a little bit stubby, and I know that some wikis discourage unnecessarily adding to the number of articles, preferring that info be kept in fewer, more comprehensive articles. The other con that comes to mind is that you might be sacrificing some cheat-related SEO in the short term, although as long as the two articles have links to each other, I'd guess it should be minimal. --Proph (talk) 13:47, 5 October 2015 (EDT)

Best Game 2012 - 5 keys?[edit]

Hi all; I was adding shift codes tonight, and everything in the 'latest' list worked fine for XB0X 360. Something odd though; This code --

Borderlands 2 won @G4TV's Best Game 2012 (5 keys!) Dec 17 17:13 CST "Next few days" XBOX: W3KTJ-FZ9CS-XS6BR-K6JJ3-XCFXT

The 'Shift' screen on my console doesn't show 5 keys for that code. It shows `Borderlands 2 Golden Key`, just like the more generic single-key releases. Oddly, those stack (`redeemed six times`) while the G4TV key is its own entry on my list. The other 5-key code works properly, unlocking `5 Golden Keys`.

Just advising. Thought it was curious.

Can anybody tell me why the last 2 time a code for 5 keys was released that when I used for me Xbox I only received 1 key. I've lost out on 8 keys and would like to know if anything can be done to get the key's offered?

Positioning of "Latest Shift Codes" section[edit]

I think pretty much everyone here is used that the latest shift codes are at the bottom of the page. Moving them to the center (like someone did) might confuse some. We can discuss moving them if someone disagrees on where they should be located, but for now lets keep them on the bottom where they have always been. We have the alerts on the top of the page, informing of new codes Axton 01:32, 14 February 2013 (EST)

Also you can just click on where it says "Latest shift codes" on the top and it will take you right to the section. As for myself, I just bookmark this link and it lands me right in the latest shift codes section: http://orcz.com/Borderlands_2:_Golden_Key#Latest_Shift_Codes

= MechroJedi 01:45, 14 February 2013 (EST)

What MechroJedi said. Also just for reference:

"Borderlands 2: Golden Key‎; 12:11 . . (-33) . . (Talk)‎ (Moved Latest Shift Codes section to the top.)"

Same IP also moved the Cheats to the [Borderlands 2 Cheats page]. Vincent2128 04:41, 14 February 2013 (EST)

Shift Code History[edit]

So I noticed that the Shift Code history section hasn't been updated for months, and obviously the original author is no longer around. I feel that there isn't much point in keeping the section since it doesn't contain much nor is updated. Vincent2128 23:24, 17 March 2013 (EDT)

Key formatting[edit]

Does anyone have any feelings about using a fixed point font on the key table?

Confirmation of Expiry[edit]

ANYONE can test the codes. The difference between expired/already used is easy:

If you enter a previously entered code, and this has expired, you get the message: "Sorry, but the code you have entered is expired and can no longer be redeemed."

If you enter a previously entered code, but still working(not expired) code, you get the message: "Sorry, but the code you have entered has already been redeemed."

Try entering them again, and make sure it's the right code.

Wrong Date[edit]

The dates for the class mods are wrong (Zer0, Salvador, Krieg and Maya to be specific) so please change this.--Volcannon 14:39, 10 July 2013 (EDT)

Class mod codes removed?[edit]

Why did someone remove all the class mods and set them as PENDING although all are available already? I redeemed them about 2 hours ago and got the mods for all classes.

A: Someone leaked them early, but they no longer work

They still work as of 8/18 1:30 cst (xbox) please update as Idk how to edit (and keep up the great work u guys are awesome)

They have been restored Corvo 21:30, 18 August 2013 (EDT)

Please Don't remove keys!!![edit]

Until it has been checked several times. Someone removed the 3 keys on the 23rd when I checked around 2am on the 24th then at 5am EST they were back and the first code was expired. Again just because it doesn't work on one computer in one time zone doesn't mean it won't work on another in another time zone!!

PAX Prime 2013 - Sep 3[edit]

I got 5 keys on PC for each of the three codes, not the listed 3 keys. Just lucky, or page error? 19:11, 3 September 2013 (EDT)

Not sure, some say they got 3 keys and some say they got 5 keys Axton 19:54, 3 September 2013 (EDT)

The Shift code menu has a typo that says 5 keys, but you only get 3. (Anon) 21:28, 3 September 2013 (EDT)

I went from 20 keys before entering the 4 codes released, one being the 5key ultimate upgrade code, and ended with 40. so i got 20 total new keys not 14.

Same for me: had 20, used the latest 4 keys and now I am at 40. (On Steam version).

I got 5 keys for each code, PC.

I tried redeeming the 3 sets of PAX Prime codes, and the Ultimate Upgrade code and got a message saying "Sorry, but the code you have entered cannot be redeemed." I checked and retried several times only to get the same message. Doesn't say something along the lines of "expired" when they expire? Dragoon790 PS3 11:48 AM (CST) Update: I restarted the game and they worked now. I had installed the "Ultimate Upgrade" pack before trying the first time so I don't know why they didn't work.

Xbox 360 Shift Code list - tested as of 01/27/2014[edit]

Tested 01/27/2014 - Perk - I just bought the game last week so all these codes are new to me.

SHIFT CODES XBOX 360 ONLY.... SORRY!!! This took me nearly 6 hours to fish out ones that do not work anymore, to remove duplicates, and to find so many; as much to compile this list for any and all Xbox 360 users!


KTW3T-ZXXS5-JBSJF-5FJT3-6TB9X - 2 key(s)

CJ5TJ-R66BT-KJ3WR-WXTT3-WFZ65 (these three work sometimes) - 5 key(s)

5BK3T-HFFTT-KJ3CF-5RTJT-JZ9J6 - 5 key(s)





K3KJT-6HRT5-BHRTT-3BBTJ-RBWJ9 - 3 key(s)

W35BB-SC5S5-3JSBF-C63JT-TFHKC - 2 key(s)


CJ5B3-ST36Z-FHRJ6-5RBTJ-CTZJW - 1 key(s)

WBKJT-SSZ5S-6S6B6-5FTTB-X5KSC - 1 key(s)

W3KTJ-FZ9CS-XS6BR-K6JJ3-XCFXT - 1 key(s)

5BC3B-KXFZK-BK5C3-HJW3J-T3KBB - 1 key(s)


WTWBB-ZJ9Z5-69XJ6-KRTBB-ZHBBH - 1 key(s)

5JWTJ-JCSSC-6S6TX-5RBTJ-9RZBJ - 1 key(s)

5BCJB-WBZS5-XZRTF-CF3BJ-B6BB6 <-mORE OR lESS 50 kEYS^^> I only got 2 from this 01/27/2014















PS3 Shift Codes[edit]

I just entered in all of the PS3 Shift codes in today and they all work as of 10-21-13. PSN- amberorien

The last 3 Shift Codes for PS3 at the bottom do not work. So you need to update saying there expired or they don't work as of 3-9-14. The experation is the 10th on the last 3.

The PS3 Codes from Apr 17, 2014 are not for the PSPlus Version, just the retail owners can use them. - silenceshadow

the March 3 codes for ps3/vita says it not for the ps3 but for a different system

Reverting - Please say why[edit]

Even if it's obvious you are reverting a troll/vandal, just say so in the edit reason line. --Sintacks 10:26, 13 February 2014 (EST)

to whoever updates this[edit]

you are awesome. i wish you had logged in so we could all thank you.

98% of the keys I used for xbox 360 work as of 2/21/2015. especially the key that key that gives 20.

If people could work on copy and pasting the, keys that do work here that would be great, and label them 2015.

The codes marked "Possibly Expired?" on Aug 07 2014 are Expired as tested 19/04/15 @20:30 bst

Suggesting a slight change to the main key table[edit]

As it is now, the format is Source (and we include how many keys or what item it is) | date released | expire date if known | keys I'm suggesting a new column for the number of keys/description of items the key will redeem.

The following is an example of what I was thinking about, taken from the current table (and removing most, just so it's not huge as an example).

Source Redeems Issue
PC/Mac PS3 X360
Scarlett's Lost Pet 1 Key Nov 14 Unknown WTCJ3-SHH3K-KFJT3-JBJ3J-H5965 5BWJB-W5F5J-JKKWT-9JWJT-KCZ99 5JWTJ-JCSSC-6S6TX-5RBTJ-9RZBJ
Doomsday Confession Generator App 1 key Dec 20 Unknown WTCBB-H5WHC-5F3T3-TBT3T-HR6TJ CTC33-TZH9K-TW553-STKJ3-RJ3H5 WBKJT-SSZ5S-6S6B6-5FTTB-X5KSC
@GearboxSoftware Axton Class Mod July 9 Unknown 5JKBJ-K9WHW-WBZTJ-T3TTB-TW9HR WT5TJ-6ZJ9J-SH5WJ-SBWTT-693S6 CB5BT-T3JJ3-S6HTX-C63TJ-CSKSK
@GearboxSoftware Gaige Class Mod July 10 Unknown W3C3B-5JRZC-WJH33-JBJJB-9S6CJ CJWBJ-FBKST-ZZ553-S3KTB-BRK3B C3W33-B5JB3-SRSBF-C6TJT-F35TT
TTAoDK "Summoner Sickness" Gaige Skin Nov 15 Unknown 535BB-3R3BZ-HF5K3-JJB33-3BF3J WJWJB-C3TF9-36RC3-HT5TB-JWBCF 53KJ3-HRR96-SHJWX-CR333-C65BB
TTAoDK "The Pandora Chainmail Massacre" Zero Skin Nov 15 Unknown CTKJ3-9CBJS-9R5WT-JBJ3T-WKXKF KJCT3-JJ3F9-TF6CJ-HJKTB-563CX W35B3-R66ZR-9ZBW6-5XJTJ-RW9RH
TTAoDK "Her Violent Nature" Maya Skin Nov 15 Unknown CBCJ3-W5TT9-S65K3-BJJ3B-XHWWC C3CTT-HS9CZ-TXRKJ-STW3T-SRSKZ CBCJ3-CRX9X-HZ3KX-KX3J3-Z9H5F
TTAoDK "My Fantasies Involve Blood" Krieg Skin Nov 15 Unknown CBKJ3-5FT39-ZRCCT-JTJB3-RFJ5B KJKB3-6B36H-JF6WT-STCB3-JB69F C3K33-3H69R-SZJ5X-CRBTJ-CJXK3
@GearboxSoftware Luck of the Zaford Skins and Chulainn SMG Mar 14 Unknown 5JWT3-3H5FB-SCBX5-TJ3JB-H5R6X W3KTJ-H9H3H-FHR5B-9BCJB-36ZZ6 K3C33-633S6-BKW56-56BBT-X9X9X
Facebook 3 Keys Mar 29 Mar 31 5BCTB-3JFX3-S5JXW-BTT33-JZBXB CJCTJ-K53R9-KJ59K-93WJB-KRXSX CJCTJ-K53J5-JS66S-56TJB-KRXFF
@GearboxSoftware 3 Keys Mar 29 Mar 31 C35JT-5JR6B-SCBX5-T3BBB-F5TRF 5BWT3-6CTRS-K3CSC-9BK33-KTTR5 5BWT3-6CTJK-J9FRH-5FJ33-KTTKZ

The examples I've picked show how wide the table would be, using the longest source we have, and the longest item description we have. and it still fits well within a 1080p monitor. --Sintacks 02:34, 30 March 2014 (EDT)

Loverpalooza skins & gun ok 2014-04-02[edit]

The Loverpalooza skins & gun keys are marked "possibly expired", but I just used the PC one and it worked. -- 21:10, 2 April 2014 (EDT)

Expired Keys[edit]

June 02, 2014

I don't think that you should delete keys at all, leave them up there; just put expired in the "Expected Expiration" column. I'm saying this because I recently went through the whole list for the PS3 and put them into my game and almost all of them worked... though I'm not counting the ones marked expired because I was unable to check them... someone deleted the keys.

July 18, 2014

Im very sorry i deleted some keys because I didnt read that we should put expired before deleting them, but I just tested them out today and only deleted the ones that didnt work and replaced it with the Expired message (only on PC) the keys I deleted were:

@GearboxSoftware 3 Golden Keys [Mar 20, 2014] Possibly Expired Expired Facebook 3 Golden Keys [Mar 20, 2014] Possibly Expired Expired Facebook 3 Golden Keys [Mar 29, 2014] Possibly Expired Expired @GearboxSoftware 3 Golden Keys [Mar 29, 2014] Possibly Expired Expired @GearboxSoftware 3 Golden Keys [Apr 3, 2014] Possibly Expired Expired Facebook 3 Golden Keys [Apr 4, 2014] Possibly Expired Expired

Thats all I did, the rest I'm not really sure if someones deleting them but thats all I did because I just tested them today, again, I only tested it on PC

Just tried all the 'Expired' Codes today (23/08/2014) and found that 3 codes still work on the PC. The codes are: April 12 - WJW3B-5HBR6-5BXCT-33TJ3-WXT53, April 12 - CT5JB-FSTFX-5TF5T-3JJTT-6CF6T, and April 28 - 535TJ-3JC6X-KJXCJ-BTBBT-K5WFR. They worked for me and a friend today, so they haven't expired on PC yet. Don't want to edit the table as I have no experience in doing this and would probably delete the whole page, or something equally terrible. :) - Enjoy the keys! Update: [July 21, 2019] Just tried these in July of 2019 and all 3 of the above codes worked on the PC. Thanks to the original author.

I was super excited to find this site, but not so much anymore. I've tried dozens of codes for the 360, and had one work, in total. Out of maybe 30 codes I've tried. Huge letdown.

PS3 Codes[edit]

the following codes on your list work for the PS3 as of 10/12/2014!


New keys[edit]

Added the Dec 15, 2014 codes (from Facebook, posted here) into the main table ... thanks!

Whoever keeps deleting the section at the bottom[edit]

Stop it. It makes the page harder to use.

Tons of Issue Dates modified - why?[edit]

Someone went and changed the "Issue Date" on a bunch of keys throughout the table to May 15, 2015, which makes them look like they're all new ones. If someone wanted to have a date when the keys were last checked to be still valid, put a "Last Verified" date column in. Don't mess with the "Issue Date", or people waste their time trying keys they've already entered.

Also, STOP DELETING THE "Code Checker" at the bottom of the page!!![edit]

PLEASE STOP! ... Besides, what number are you on the "HQ: Top Contributers"... probably not #8...

Key Table[edit]

Would it be possible to have the table sortable by the 'Expired' status of the codes? It would make it a lot easier for someone new to the site go through the list. 13:59, 24 June 2015 (EDT)

The MediaWiki installation being used here shipped with sortable tables, so it should not be hard to do. Here's a test table:
It already is sortable now. Darklocq (talk) 09:24, 28 December 2020 (EST)

expired...but not really[edit]

I have recently bought the pc version of bl2, and was entering some codes, when I saw the 25 key code, which has supposedly expired. I tried anyway, and lo and behold, it works like a charm. after trying a lot of codes, I found out that all codes that say they have expired on the pc version, but still work on a console, actually work on the pc version (with the exception of the skin codes, and the 24 oct one). I don't really know how to fix this properly, but felt I at least had to make people who can aware of this. (talk), 12:54, 4 November 2015 (EST)

I can confirm this again, as of late 2020. Nearly all the codes listed as "expired" for PC that are not expired for other platforms, are not actually expired for PC at all. More than 95% of them still work. Makes me wonder if someone vandalized this page in this regard. The incorrect listing of these as expired is tricking wiki readers out of over 200 keys, and various mods. Unfortunately, to sort it out someone will need to create a dummy account and go through these codes one at a time. In my case I had already redeemed many of them, via other code lists, so I'm not able to determine which handful of them had genuinely expired before I tried them. PS: I have been redeeming them via shift.gearbox.com, not inside the game or via the other website. Darklocq (talk) 09:14, 28 December 2020 (EST)

2017 Codes[edit]

I'm new and I just wanted to know if the 2017 shift codes are still working for Xbox or if they're possibly expired? I think I've put in 3 so far and they didn't work. Could REALLY use some help here if anyone can.

All codes listed for PC as currently working as of last revision are still working as of 1/1/2019.

Should Switch Codes be added?[edit]

Now that Borderlands 2 is on the switch, should a column be added for that?

I know these ones work for switch:

Krieg Community Day Skin + 5 Keys


Salvador Community Day Skin + 5 Keys


Zer0 Community Day Skin + 5 Keys


Maya Community Day Skin + 5 Keys


Axton Community Day Skin + 5 Keys


Gaige Community Day Skin + 5 Keys


5 Keys


3 Keys


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/BorderlandsSwitch/comments/gsupcu/shift_codes_for_switch_that_work/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf (talk), 23:09, 8 June 2020‎ (EST)

Well, yes, since they are valid SHiFT codes. Doesn't matter which venue they came from. Darklocq (talk) 09:17, 28 December 2020 (EST)