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There are two easy ways to create a new page:

1° Type in your navigator address area the exact following line as an example for a Test page you wish to create:


The ORCZ Wiki should tell you back this:

The Division: Test

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There is currently no text in this page. You can search for this page title in other pages, search the related logs, or edit this page.

Click the create button and you're done (see details below)

2° Edit an existing page (you know how to do so, right?) and add a sentence in which the title of the missing page is present, then enclose the title between two square brackets.

Example, assuming you wish to add the Late Breaking News page, add the following text:

You should read the [[Late Breaking News]] to know more on this subject.

Then save the page you modified, and click on the page title you added. The ORCZ Wiki should tell you back this:

Creating Late Breaking News

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and you're done.

Format of a new page[edit]

When you create a new page for The Division Wiki, please follow this minimum of formatting:

(example for the Rats page)

1° [[File:rats.JPG|right|thumb|400px|Three rats running in a street of the Dark Zone]]

2° Rats are animals in [[The Division|Tom Clancy's The Division]]

There are many rats running around the streets in New York.

Unlike dogs, killing rats gives you 120 points each.

3° [[Category:The Division]]

4° [[Category:The Division Animals]]


1° insert and display a picture you should have uploaded first

2° your text

3° Add the main category your page belongs to

4° Add a sub category should your page belong to one

Should you wish to add a link to an existing page, do add the The Division:_ tag before the title of the page, or the Wiki will not find it (message: Page does not exist)


To do so, open the [[The Division:_Door|door]] first!

Should you wish to add a link to a Category page, please add a semicolon ":" before the name of the Category Page.


A side mission is a [[:Category:The_Division_Missions|mission]] in Tom Clancy's The Division.

Good luck!