Kill the Wild Dogs in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

"Kill the Wild Dogs" is a quest objective in the main story quest "The Beast of White Orchard" in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


You found Mislav the Hunter at the Vulpine Woods south of his House. He is busy killing some Wild Dogs and you have agreed to help him.


The Beast of White Orchard
The Beast of White Orchard


White Orchard
White Orchard


Vulpine Woods




Wild Dog
Wild Dog


Use your witcher senses to locate a trail of footprints, and follow them.

When you find Mislav, he is busy killing some Wild Dogs. You can agree to help him or not.


Geralt: You Mislav?

Mislav: Shhh. Hear that?

Geralt: Wolves? No - wild dogs.

Mislav: Yes... more dangerous than wolves.

Geralt: Dogs more dangerus than wolves? Don't think so.

Mislav: It's the truth. Know why?

Geralt: No, but I guess you're about to tell me?

Mislav: Wolves hunt to fill their bellies. wild dogs kill for sport.

Geralt: Just like humans.

Mislav: Aye, they've learned much from us. Why not cruelty, too?

Geralt: I'm hunting bigger game. The Nilfgaardians the Griffin killed - where'd you find them?

Mislav: Ah, I see... You a witcher? That monster slayer they's takin' about in the village?

Geralt: Mhm

Mislav: I'll show you, sure. But, er, I gotta kill those muts' fore they hurt someone. Will you help? That is, if you dont mind blunting your silver blades on'em

Geralt: Sure, Griffin's not going anywhere

Mislav: No, dogs might, though. So step careful now. Come on.

Geralt: These dogs been a problem for a while now?

Mislav: Since the war started. Soldier on the march, he'll stop to rape a woman, strangle 'er, kill her man for a chuckle, even butcher a cow. But a dog? A kick in passin', no more. So these stray mutts form packs. They're gaunt, guts stuck to their spines, covered in scabies... but they just won't die. Too late. Attacked another one.

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • This is an optional objective. If you did not agree to help the hunter kill the Wild Dogs, he kills them on his own. You will have to wait a bit until he finishes killing them all before the quest objective advances.

The Beast of White Orchard Quest[edit]