Fur Chest Piece in ARK Survival Evolved.

The Fur Chest Piece is an armor piece in ARK: Survival Evolved

It is part of the Fur Gear Set

Provides excellent Hypothermic Insulation (cold protection) but poor Hyperthermic Insulation (heat protection)


Attribute Value
Weight 14
Armor 40
Durability 120
Cold Protection 65
Heat Protection -30


The Fur Chestpiece requires the following ingredients to craft:



Strategy Guide/Tips

  • Use this armor to for protection against extreme cold weather conditions such as those in the Snow Biome.
  • Provides decent armor protection. Much more than a Hide Shirt, but slightly less than a Chitin Chestpiece.
  • The Fur set is not light and comes with a significant weight penalty and burden compared to wearing some of the other armors.
  • Don't use this armor in warm/hot biomes as doing so cause hyperthermia.

Complete Fur Armor Set