Alien Isolation: Axel

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Axel from Aliens: Isolation.

Axel is a character in the game Alien: Isolation

Amanda meets him at the Sevastopol Spaceflight Terminal

Initially he aims a gun at her, but she convinces him to help her contact the Torrens in exchange for room on the ship for him to escape the station.


Axel: Stay. Still.

Amanda: Okay, okay.

Axel: Come on!

Amanda: I'm Ripley.

Axel: Where'd you come from, Ripley?

Amanda: Off-station. A ship.

Axel: There's no ships here!

Amanda: There are now.

Axel: Well, ha, that's good news. Because things are not so good here. Something blew just now. Rocked this whole place.

Amanda: I saw it.

Axel: But lady... hah... that's the least of our problem.

Amanda: Yeah?

Axel: Yeah. There's something on this station. Something you wouldn't believe.

Amanda: Like what?

Axel: A killer! You get it!?

Amanda: Okay. Okay. What's your name?

Axel: Axel

Amanda: I was boarding with two colleagues. E. V. A. We got separated by the blast. Can you help me find them?

Axel: Why?

Amanda: Because you seem to know your way around.

Axel: No, I mean why? What's in it for me?

Amanda: A place on the ship.

Axel: Yeah? How do I know I can trust you?

Amanda: I need to find comms. I need to contact my ship.

Axel: (returning Maintenance Jack) This is your lucky day. Let's go sweetheart. Seegson Comms is in the SysTech Spire. It's quite a distance, but we can get to a transit through the Freight Area. But watch yourself. We can get into all sorts of trouble there. Okay?