Alien Isolation: Find Help

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Find Help in Aliens: Isolation

"Find Help" is a mission objective in the game Alien: Isolation

Background story[edit]

Amanda has just entered the Sevastopol Station which seems to be under heavy damage. Comm is down and the rest of her crew is nowhere to be found.

You should search the station for some help.

You start at the Emergency Airlock


Search the Spaceflight Terminal for help


Sevastopol Station
Sevastopol Station
Spaceflight Terminal
Spaceflight Terminal


Welcome to Sevastopol
Welcome to Sevastopol

Start Location[edit]



Start by storing your space suit in the Spacesuit Closet

Then head down the corridors of the station

Be sure to save your progress at the Emergency Registration Point

You will reach a pit with a fire - take the vent below

Keep exploring, eventually you fall down when trying to cross a plank, and find a Flare. Use it to light your way

Go through what looks to be a luggage carousel and climb up a ladder at the end.