Alien Isolation: SEVASTOLINK - Moved Our Stash

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Archive Log 005 Moved Our Stash

Archive Log 005

A communication message in the SEVASTOLINK System in Alien: Isolation.

Can be accessed through a SEVASTOLINK Terminal at the Departures Control Room

It hints about a presence of a Secret Stash



Langley, if you’re looking for our stash, I've moved it. You left it right out in the open where anyone could have taken it! Jesus. do you know what I had to do to get it? I've hidden it in one of the storerooms - you should be able to find it. The code is 0340. Don't worry, no-one goes down to the Terminal anymore. Not after what happened

Also, we’re out of meds and low on water so you’re going to need to get some - it’s your turn. Maybe it’ll teach you to take care of our stuff in future.


Stash Storeroom Location[edit]


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