Alien Isolation: Save Axel

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Axel needs your help!

"Save Axel" is a mission objective in the game Alien: Isolation


After Ripley and Axel hit the Two-Man Switch, the door behind him opens.

The door opens behind him

A Looter emerges from the door

You try to warn Axel, but it's too late - the Looter attacks Axel and has him in a hold

You must rush back to where Axel is and help him.


Sevastopol Station
Sevastopol Station
Spaceflight Terminal
Spaceflight Terminal


Welcome to Sevastopol
Welcome to Sevastopol


Sprint back up the corridor to where Axel is

Use the melee attack button to attack the looter with your Maintenance Jack

Axel then shoots the looter in the head, and the objective completes.