Alien Isolation: Speak to Samuels

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Speak to Samuels in Aliens: Isolation

"Speak to Samuels" is a mission objective in the game Alien: Isolation




Closing the Book
Closing the Book

Start Location[edit]

Bunk Room
Bunk Room

End Location[edit]

Medical Bay
Medical Bay


Make your way towards the Medical Bay, on the south side of the ship.

See map below for help finding it.


Samuels: Ah, Ripley.

Ripley: Samuels. Did you wake up early?

Samuels: Well, I don’t really need as much sleep as the rest of you. I was just inspecting the Torrens' facilities. A well-maintained ship. I realize it’s a very similar model to...

Ripley: The Nostromo

Samuels: Yes. M-Class. A later pattern, but close in spec.

Ripley: I've worked engineering jobs on ships like this.

Samuels: Of course. Is Taylor up yet? She's not a seasoned traveler. Hypersleep may have been punishing for her.

Ripley: Haven't seen her. I'll go check on her.



Explore the Torrens - Tasks[edit]