ArcheAge: Hereafter Stone

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Hereafter Stones are needed to open Worldgates in ArcheAge

Hereafter Stone[edit]

A Teleport Scroll utilizes the power stored in a Hereafter Stone to open a Worldgate. Jump through the gate to travel to a recordered location.

Hereafter Stones contain enough power to send you anywhere on your current continent. Refined Hereafter Stones contain enough power to send you to a different continent.

Used with your Teleport Scrolls for travel within a continent. Note, you cannot teleport with a hereafter stone if you are carrying a trade pack.

Note, not to be confused with Bound Hereafter Stone and Refined Hereafter Stone, the former of which is a quest reward and the latter which you can acquire from [[ArcheAge: Mirage Isle|Mirage Isle to teleport cross-continent.