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There are eight classes in BnS

Number of Classes[edit]

There are 8 playable classes in Blade & Soul.

Class Summary[edit]

Class Name Overview Difficulty
Assassin Assassins utilize agility, cunning, and unique stealth techniques to catch opponents off-guard, often eliminating them before they have time to counter. Hard
Blade Dancer Blade Dancers use quick strikes to carve through opponents, deploying their chi to cripple a single foe or unleashing whirling attacks to take out several enemies at once. Normal
Blade Master Blade Masters are balanced fighters who wield their swords with surgical precision. Their versatility allows them to evade attacks and cut down foes with devastating accuracy. Hard
Destroyer Destroyers are front-line fighters capable of cutting their way through any melee, using brute strength to pick up opponents and annihilate multiple foes at once. Normal
Force Master Force Masters use the elements to assault opponents from afar, torching them with flames, freezing them With ice, and unleashing blasts of energy to keep them at a distance. Normal
Kung Fu Master Kung Fu Masters are living, breathing weapons capable of destroying opponents with nothing but their own physical prowess and a pair of armored fists. Expert
Summoner Summoners harness the power of nature to control and attack foes. They also command powerful Familiars who will fight tooth and claw to keep their masters from harm. Easy
Warlock Warlocks use charms and incantations to unleash a wide array of powerful attacks. They use a Thrall and energy from the Spirit Realm to barrage enemies or strengthen allies. Normal

Race/Class Matrix[edit]

The following table shows which classes are available to which races:

Class Gon Jin Lyn Yun
Assassin No Yes No No
Blade Dancer No No Yes No
Blade Master No Yes No Yes
Destroyer Yes No No No
Force Master Yes No Yes Yes
Kung Fu Master Yes Yes No Yes
Summoner No No Yes No
Warlock No Yes Yes No

Class Comparison[edit]