Borderlands 2: Bullymongs

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A Bullymong in Borderlands 2

Thriving in the cold tundra wastes of Pandora in Borderlands 2, these simian-like creatures emerge out of their nest holes to savagely beat the ever-loving tar out of anyone that wanders into their field of vision. When they aren’t using their massive size and even more massive fists to do the smashing, Bullymongs have been known to throw massive rocks, ice blocks, and basically any nearby heavy object to do it for them.

Very early in the game you run into a Bullymong named Knuckle Dragger



Adult Bullymong

Brat Bullymong

Badass Bullymong

Rockwall Bullymong

Savage Monglet

Unique (Named) Bullymongs[edit]

The Bulwark


Bullymongs receive massive damage when shot in their tiny little heads


Frostbite Crevasse

Liar's Berg

Southern Shelf

Three Horns Divide

Three Horns Valley

Hunter's Grotto


Be wary of your environment when fighting Bullymongs! The smaller ones throw icicles and rocks, while the larger ones can throw cars!