Breath of the Wild: Arrows Of Burning Heat

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Arrows of Burning Heat is one of the sidequests in LoZ:BotW

Arrows of Burning Heat is a Quest (Sidequest) in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Talk with Rola in her shop, The Curious Quiver, in Kakariko Village.



Rola wants to see someone use arrows to light the torches around the Goddess Statue in Kakariko Village.

Quest Items[edit]


  • Talk with Rola inside her shop, The Curious Quiver.
  • She will offer Link the challenge to light the torches around the Goddess Statue using arrows.
  • Accept and head outside to the North.
  • Use the Camp Fire to light an arrow and then fire it at the Torches.
  • If you are fortunate to have Fire Arrows, those can simply be drawn and fired at the torches.
  • Expect to use at least 4 arrows to light all 4 torches.
  • Return to the shop after you have lit all 4 torches.
  • She will be happy that you did that, but also admit that she is married.
  • Rola will reward you with a Red Rupee.



Rola: That's right, my good man! I knew it the moment I saw ya... I had you figured for one heck of an archer. And I'm head over heels for a fine slice of man that can use a bow! So how about it? Why not take out that bow and some me something special?

Link: You got it!

Rola: I like your attitude! All you gotta do is light the torches by the Goddess Statue. Think you're up for the challenge?

Link: You got it!

Rola: The thought of a young hunk drawing a bow just makes my day!

Rola: Hey, kid! I saw you! You were amazing! Boy, what a shot in the heart that was! My husband's a fine archer himself... but we're living apart right now. This feeling... It's been so, so long. I'm so exited right now! That really was something special to see. In fact, here... A token of my thanks.

Rola: If only my husband hadn't become obsessed with Cuccos and kept up with his archery skills... If only...


When Rola, owner of the general store, judged you as a capable archer, she wasted no time recruiting for a seemingly simple job.

All she asked was that you "light the torches by the Goddess Statue" in the village, but her suspiciously sweet smile made it clear that this task would require unconventional methods.


"Light the torches by the Goddess Statue."

You did as Rola asked and lit the torches. Go to her general store and tell her that what she requested is done.

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Less can be used if you can get the proper angles on the torches themselves.
  • Using Fire Arrows can make this very easy to do.


Using a flamespear, flameblade, or other fiery melee weapon with result in a different set of dialogue in which she compares Link to her husband, Cado. She is unhappy that Link did not use arrows to light the torches.

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Arrows Of Burning Heat Video Walkthrough