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===Video Walkthrough===
===Video Walkthrough===
Drifting Trial Video Walkthrough
Drifting Trial Video Walkthrough - Coming Soon!
===Shrines of Trials Puzzles===
===Shrines of Trials Puzzles===

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This page has the Hila Rao Puzzle Solution.

The Drifting Trial is a Trial in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

This page has the walkthrough/solution to the Drifting Puzzle.


Recommended Runes



  • Run forward to the drifting wooden platform going from right to left.
  • Just after it starts crossing the opening across the water, run across the platform and climb up onto the ledge on the far side.
  • Head to the edge of the next stream, equipping the Magnesis Rune.
  • Wait for the first platform to emerge from the right-hand side of the stream.
  • Jump on the platform and activate Magnesis. A chest will be revealed underwater. Use the rune to either bring the chest to you or onto the ledge you started on. The chest has an Opal inside.
  • To get across, wait for the platforms to start appearing on the right-hand side.
  • Move from one to the next to reach the far side, performing a running jump to make sure to reach the ledge.
  • Go over to the edge of the next stream. This one moves in a circle.
  • To get the chest, equip the Cryonis Rune. Wait for it to circle around to the same side as you then create a block of ice to raise it up. Inside it you will get 5 Ice Arrows.
  • Select your Circular Remote Bombs. Throw one into the water.
  • Wait for the bomb to get by the rocks on the far side and then detonate it to clear the way forward.
  • Swim to the far side where the rocks where and climb out of the water.
  • Approach the Monk Hila Rao to complete the trial.

Strategy Guide/Tips

  • This trial focuses on timing in numerous instances.
  • It helps to perform running jumps for the added distance.
  • Keep toward the center of the platforms, otherwise they will start to drift to whatever side Link is on.
  • You can also use Cyronis with the explosive barrels to destroy the rocks in the third section.

Video Walkthrough

Drifting Trial Video Walkthrough - Coming Soon!

Shrines of Trials Puzzles