The Lord of the Mountain is a secret mount you can ride in the game.
In the Sanctum of Hyrule Castle, around the triforce is Zelda's Lullaby as it appears in Ocarina of Time
This billboard on top of one of the mountains behind Impa's house in Kakariko Village is a reference to Witcher 3
The trousers of the hero have a little octorok from Zelda NES on them.

This page will list all the Easter Eggs, hidden references, and other secrets in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

  • On top of one of the mountains behind Impa's house in Kakariko Village, there's a Sword in a stone. (King Arthur Reference)
  • In Hateno there's a message board which when you examine it says will someone please deal with the monsters at the beach. (witcher 3 Easter egg)
  • If you rearrange the letters of Rudania, you get Darunia. Ruta = Ruto, Medho is Medli (Reference to previous characters)
  • While exploring the interior of Hyrule Castle, in the library, there is a book on one of the ledges that has a recipe for a food called Monster Cake. If you keep reading, it is revealed that it is a favorite of the chancellor. In Spirit Tracks, the main antagonist is the chancellor of Hyrule, named Cole, who turns out to be a horned monster.(Spirit Tracks reference)
  • Look for shooting stars falling from the sky, go to where they landed and you will find a star fragment there. Star Fragments can be used for certain equipment upgrades.
  • You can throw a Stalizalfos arm like a boomerang.
  • You can ride wild animals such as deer and bears. They cannot be registered at a stable, though.
  • After combat, You can pick back up arrows that get stuck on a wooden shield or on the ground.
  • You can find a unique animal, the Lord of the Mountain, on top of Satori Mountain, (south of the Ridgeland Tower). Look for the large blue glow from the distance. Approach it stealthily, and when a few steps away, run and quickly press A to mount it. Lord of the Mountain has maxed-out attribute stats, sp it's incredibly fast. Take a picture with it before you let it go since it's an entry in the Compendium, and you can't register it in a stable.
  • If you soak Link in water, he will be immune to fire for a short period of time.
  • You will swim faster if you take off your armor.
  • If you give a dog three pieces of fruit or a piece of meat, it may lead you to a treasure chest in the area.
  • Where you fight Calamity Ganon in the Sanctum of Hyrule Castle, around the triforce is Zelda's Lullaby as it appears in Ocarina of Time.
  • After you do the "From the Ground Up" sidequest, you will find Grante in Tarrey Town. You can buy from him rare items that you could normally only get once, for example the Hylian Shield. Those items are only available for purchase once you discover on your own, but then you can re-purchase them if they break.
  • Hit a cucco with a weapon, and it will lay an egg.
  • In Malanya Spring in the Lake Tower region, (SE of the Highland Stable), There is a fountain that looks like a great fairy fountain. Examine it and pay of 1000 rupees to make Malanya appear. Malanya is a horse fairy and can resurrect dead horses.
  • North of the Great Plateau you can find the Colosseum ruins, which has many high level enemies that get added and stronger as Link levels up. Monsters encountered there can include a Silver Lynel and other tough foes. There are also lots of enemies armed with elemental weapons that Link can loot once killed. There are two good treasure chests on top of the ruins.
  • If you put on the trousers of the Hero (from the NES link amiibo) you can see on them the little octorok from Zelda NES.