Breath of the Wild: Kakariko Village Quests

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Below is a list and guide for all of the Side Quests located in Kakariko Village in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. (this article is a stub! I do not remember the exact details of every quest, but i will add as much as i can here.)

Flown the Coop[edit]

Talk to Cado when he is standing by his Cucco pen, near Impa's house, to initiate the side quest. He will tell you that his beloved Cuccos escaped and are scattered around the village. All you need to do is locate the Cuccos and toss them back into his pen, and collect your reward.

Arrows of Burning Heat[edit]

Inside the general store of Kakariko Village, is the store clerk Rola. After talking with her, she will note how much she admires skilled archery, and asks you to use arrows to light the four torches around the shrine to the north of the town (in front of Impa's house). This initiates the quest. Head over to the shrine and use either fire arrows on the unlit torches, or shoot normal arrows through a lit torch to an unlit one. After you've lit all the torches, go back and talk to Rola to collect your reward.

By Firefly's Light[edit]

Lasli is usually standing outside the armor shop, trying to bring in customers, but at 9:00PM you can follow her to her home where she lives with her granny, and she'll tell you she misses watching the fireflies outside... Take some fireflies with you, hold them in your hands, and "drop" them inside of her house to complete the quest. I used 5 fireflies, but I don't know if there's a required amount.

Playtime with Cottla[edit]

You can find the little girl Cottla running around on the trails in Kakariko Village. If you talk to her, she will tell you that she is bored and asks you to play a game with her. You can choose to either play hide and seek or tag with her. I chose to play tag, and basically, Cottla will start running and you have to catch up to her and touch her. It should take a little bit of sprinting, but it's fairly easy. She will tell you that you won, and give you your reward.

Koko's Kitchen[edit]

Next to the cooking pot besides the second general store, you can find Koko contemplating what to make for dinner. She decides on making Hasty Veggie Cream Soup, but exclaims that she'd forgotten to get Swift Carrots for the dish. You can buy some from the shop right next door, and hand her one so she can finish the dish. Once she is finished, she will give you a portion of the soup, and you'll now know a new recipe! (Fresh Milk, Rock Salt, and Swift Carrots to make Hasty Veggie Cream Soup.) The rest of the quests involving Koko follow a very similar pattern.

Cooking with Koko[edit]

Just as the last quest, you can find Koko the next day by the same cooking pot by the general store. This time, she wants to make Hot Buttered Apples, but has forgotten to fetch Goat Butter to make them. Again, you can buy Goat Butter at the general store next door, and provide her with one. She will again, share the dish with you, and with it a new recipe (Goat Butter and Apple make Hot Buttered Apples).

Koko Cuisine[edit]

Koko will still be in her usual spot by the cooking pot the next day. She says that she wanted to make Meat-Stuffed Pumpkin, but this time had forgotten to get Raw Meat to use. Give Koko the missing ingredient, and again she will share the dish with you, as well as the recipe (Fortified Pumpkin and any Raw Meat to make Tough Meat-Stuffed Pumpkin).

Koko's Specialty[edit]

For the final cooking round with Koko, she will be by the same cooking pot, wanting to make her mother's Honeyed Apples. This time, she has forgotten to bring Courser Bee Honey. Unlike the other ingredients, this one can't be bought, but you can find it fairly easily if you don't already have one in forests. A good tip for collecting the honey safely is to bring a burning weapon or torch and set the hive on fire. This will scare off the bees, and you can collect the honey without taking damage as long as you collect it before it burns completely. Return to Koko and give her the honey and she will complete and share her final dish with you. (Courser Bee Honey and Apple to make Honeyed Apples).