Link talking to the Kaneli in LoZ: BotW.

Kaneli is a character appearing in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Kaneli is the Rito Elder.




Kaneli: Ah, a visitor. Welcome to... Oh. OH! That object on your hip... Could it be... Forgive me. Where are my manners? I am Kaneli, elder of Rito Village. Now then... is that not a Sheikah Slate dangling from your hip?

Link: That's right.

Kaneli: Oh, my! So it is true! That means you must be a Champion like Master Revali - one of the few able to board Divine Beast Vah Medoh. No... What am I thinking? The Champions have all been dead for 100 years. This boy must be a mere inheritor of the Sheikah Slate. Ah, forgive me... Champion descendant... if you would listen to this old man's request, you would have my eternal gratitude.

Link: I'll listen.

Kaneli: Thank you. Truly. Now that I know you have the blood of a Champion, there is something I must ask of you. How shall I put this... I would like you to deal with Divine Beast Vah Medoh. The giant beast circling above us. Only a chosen one, a Champion, can stop a Divine Beast. You must enter the beat and bend it to your will. I tried explaining this to the more headstrong Rito warriors, but they wouldn't listen to reason. Teba and Harth tried to confront Medoh, but it did not go well, and Harth was injured. Teba escaped unscathed, but I fear he now plans to face Medoh alone. As a descendant of the Champions, perhaps you can help us. Please. Find Teba. If you work together, you may be able to stop Divine Beast Vah Medoh

Kaneli: You have done it! And you survived, at that! You conquered Divine Beast Vah Medoh! To think the beast has taken up roost at the top of the village! It looks simply ... divine. If the legends are true, " the light from the Divine Beasts will ravage the Calamity." For now, Divine Beast Vah Medoh will become the protector of this village and live on in legend... alongside you. Hoo hoo hoo... Oh yes! Of course! I must reward you properly! Feel free to take what you find in that treasure chest. You will get more use out of it than I. What you did was miraculous. Though I should expect nothing less of one from the bloodline of a Champion. Why... you are almost the equal of the very Hylian Champion who fought with Master Revali 100 years ago... All you lack is the sword that seals the darkness. If you had the sword that seals the darkness in your possession, you would be the spitting image...