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The Werewolf Form in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
The Werewolf Perks in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

When the Dragonborn is infected with Lyncanthropy, they will gain Beast Form. This ability will allow them, once a day, to transform into a Werewolf. You gain a boost in health and stamina. You receive a boost to Stamina Regeneration. Your carry capacity is boosted by 2000. Your unarmed attack is boosted more as you level up. For each feeding, you add 30 seconds of time to your transformed state and regain 50 Health.

You have no health regeneration naturally while in your transformed state. Any racial abilities are not applied to the Werewolf form. Most passive abilities are not applied either.

Werewolves are hated and feared by most NPCs. Only your active follower, members of the Dark Brotherhood, The Circle, The Thieves Guild, the Heroes of Sovngarde and M'aiq the Liar will not react poorly to your transformed state. Wolves also will not attack you and can aid you if you have Dawnguard.

Ending the Transformation[edit]

To end your transformation, you only have 2 options. The first is to wait for the timer to wear down. If you have done a lot of feeding, that can take a while. The second is to use the Wait function. Just wait at least 1 hour and your transformation will come to an end.


With Dawnguard installed, the Dragonborn can now upgrade their Werewolf form. While transformed they can eat corpses to gain Werewolf Experience while adding time onto their transformed state. The more corpses you feed from, the more Werewolf Perks you can unlock.

If you have Ring of the Hunt then you can gain Health Regeneration. If you can get the Ring of Hircine and break its curse then you can transform an unlimited number of times per day.


By completing the Totems of Hircine side quests for the Companions you can enter the Underforge and select a "Shout".

  • Howl of Terror - Enemies flee in fear for 60 seconds and nearby wolves are called for aid
  • Totem of Brotherhood - Summons 2 red Pack members for aid in combat
  • Totem of the Hunt - Reveals nearby prey (like the Detect Life spell)
  • Totem of Fear - High level foes flee in fear

Curing Lycanthropy[edit]

You can override Lycanthropy by choosing to become a Vampire in the Dawnguard Story line. Accept Lord Harkon's offer during the quest Awakening to become a Vampire instead.

In the base game, you must first complete the Companion Story Line. After finishing Glory of the Dead you just need another Glenmoril Witch Head to do so.

Regaining Lycanthropy[edit]

You can regain your Lycanthropy ONCE from Aela the Huntress. Talk with her and accept her offer to do so. This is only available with Dawnguard.