Cyberpunk 2077: Talk to the stranger - Playing For Time

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Talk to the stranger is an objective in Cyberpunk 2077 (Cyberpunk2077).

Talk to the stranger is an objective in the Story Job, Playing For Time in Cyberpunk 2077


  • Inside V's Apartment, they are confronted by a manifestation of the stranger from just after Love Like Fire.
  • Talking with him, he wants a cigarette, before making some remarks on V themself.
  • If V tries to leave at this point, the stranger will move in front of them and shove V to the floor.
  • This is when both parties realize they are in the same body.
  • Johnny struggles to take control, and V resists, ultimately taking one of the blockers that Misty gave them.
  • V tries to take the pills and Johnny knocks them away.
  • After that, V needs to crawl toward them to collect and take one of the pills.
  • V will come to in the shower, having washed up from the events of the previous days.