Destiny 2: Speak with Devrim in the EDZ - A New Frontier

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The Objective, “Speak with Devrim in the EDZ” in Destiny 2.

Speak with Devrim in the EDZ is an Objective in the Story/Strike/Raid/Adventure A New Frontier in Destiny 2.


Hawthorne has asked you to help her friend Devrim. Find him in the ruined town of Trostland.


  • Once the Guardian lands in Trostland of the EDZ, head for the church you see to your right.
  • Go inside the church and look for the ramp on the Eastern side.
  • Take the ramp upwards toward the large boarded glass windows under the bell tower.
  • In front of those window you will find Devrim Kay.
  • Approach and talk with Devrim Kay
  • He will explain the next step and help you get oriented in this new area.
  • He will present you with the EDZ Ghost Shell