The Drain in Destiny 2.

The Drain is a Lost Sector on Earth in Destiny 2.


A Fallen controlled pump station found in the middle of the Outskirts.


Connected Areas


  • Accessible from the Eastern and Western side of the central hill in the Outskirts.
  • Access is only at riverbed level.
  • Go into the tunnel and follow it through to the large middle room.
  • There is a doorway on the other side, do not go through it.
  • Inside this room, look around to spot the tunnel leading deeper in.
  • Go inside that tunnel.
  • Follow the passage into the pipe room, jump down to the floor below the walkway you are on, past the pipes.
  • This will lead you into the Lost Sector itself.

  • Clear out the first few Dregs and Vandal.
  • Go into the room and turn to the right.
  • This leads to a hallways with downward stairs.
  • At the base of the stairs, the hallway splits forward, right, and left.
  • To the left is an empty chamber some Fallen might try to escape into.

  • Going forward leads to a large chamber with Dregs inside it.
  • There is likely one buy the door with many more deeper in and a Vandal up on the walkway.
  • This room connects to the boss chamber but there are a lot of Fallen deeper into it.
  • To the right is the boss chamber.
  • In here you will encounter the boss, Drekthas, Metal Captain, and their numerous Shanks, Dregs, Vandals.
  • To access the cache in the very back of the Drain, you will need to kill.