Divinity Original Sin: Abilities

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Abilities in Divinity: Original Sin

Your new character starts with 5 Abilities.

When your character levels up, he or she is allocated a certain number of points to spend on abilities. The choices you make are important, because they dramatically affect your character and how your character is played. Abilities can affect your use of weapons, your use of magic and special skills, your ability for thievery, as well as social interactions. It is best to level up your separate characters differently in order to maximize the utility of your party.

NOTE: As you level up, you can put more than one point into an ability. You need to use more than 1 point to upgrade beyond lvl 1 ability so save up some points.

List of Abilities[edit]

For a detailed description of each talent, click on the ability name below:

Weapons Bow Crossbow Single-handed Two-handed
Defence Armour Specialist Body Building Shield Specialist Willpower
Skill Aerotheurge Expert Marksman Geomancer Hydrosophist
Man-at-Arms Pyrokinetic Scoundrel Witchcraft
Personality Bartering Charisma Leadership Lucky Charm
Craftsmanship Blacksmithing Crafting Loremaster Telekinesis
Nasty Deeds Lockpicking Pickpocketing Sneaking