Divinity Original Sin 2: Dirt Mound

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A Dirt Mound inside the Elf Cave in Fort Joy in Divinity Original Sin 2. This dirt mount hides an Ancient Stone Hatch leading to a Forgotten Cell.

Dirt Mounds can be found in the course of exploration in Divinity Original Sin 2

Look for terrain or dirt that looks a bit different from the surface around it. It often looks like an elevated pile of sand or mud.

Use a Shovel or some other digging tool to dig the mound and find what's under it. This can include:

  • Treasure/Items
  • Hidden Entrances

Shovel Locations[edit]

  • (219,270): Outside of where you first entered Fort Joy, there's a long broken wall. At one point there's a path leading up to it. On top is a bedroll (and a rolled up version which is portable) and a shovel.

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Make sure to interact with the mound using the character that has a Shovel in its inventory.
  • Lizard characters can dig without needing a Shovel.