Divinity Original Sin 2: Elf

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The Elves are one of the races in D:OS2.

The Elf is a Race in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


Elegant and long-lived, elves are skilled sourcerers. Memory is the keystone of elven culture; they can absorb memories by consuming the flesh of others.

Racial Ability[edit]

  • Flesh Sacrifice: Receive 1 AP and 25% damage boost at the cost of -1 Constitution.

Natural Talents[edit]

Elves have 2 natural talents:

  • Elegant: (+2 to Finesse)
  • Corpse Eater: Consume a body part to gain memory from the dead as well as heal a little.

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Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Elves are a good race to play for story-oriented characters since their corpse eater talent adds some nice details to the story.
  • Sebille is an elf origin character.