Migo is an NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2

Found near a pool of blood at the Beach, south/southeast of the Ghetto (see map below)


This NPC appears to have just gone on a murderous rampage. Approach with caution.





Narrator - *Thc creature heaves through lips gummed with human gore. It turns to you with great effort, pain apparent in every movement, and madness screams from its wide, bloodshot eyes.*

Migo - You... you, you, you, you... quite lost. Quite lost, quite lost... careful or they'll CROSS YOUR WIRES! Heehee! Now, a little query. Where grows the yarrow? Hmm? HMM? QUICKLY now, for I haven't much time...

Sebille - *Say you're sorry, but you can't help him.*

Migo - Maybe I can unscrew your lid and poke about inside and set your memory straight. WOULD TIIAT PLEASE YOU?! Can you not REMEMBER now?!

Sebille - [SEBILLE] *Say you can help him find whatever he needs, but first he must listen to you carefully.*

Migo - RAGHHH! Where docs the yarrow grow? WHERE?! WHERE?! WHERE?!


Sebille - ‘Slowly back away from the creature, avoiding its bloodshot eyes.*

Migo - You want to leave? You want to go? TELL ME WHERE THE YARROW GROWS! Tell me, tell me, tell me NOW! Or shall I pick your parts clean too? It's easy.

Sebille - [ROGUE] *Say the creature's business is none of yours and turn your back.*


Sebille - [SCHOLAR] ^Suggest that, preferring drier climates, yarrow is likely to grow on the sunny cliffs above this beach.*

Migo - Are you mad?! Yarrow LOVES the beach. Yarrow LOVES the sand, the waves, the wind in her hair! You're better off without a top. You're better off uncrossed!


Lohse - [JESTER] *Ask if he's always been such a sensible fellow.*

Migo - RAGHHH! Where does the yarrow grow? WHERE?! WHERE?! WHERE?!


Ifan Ben-Mezd - [IFAN] *Say finding things is your specialty and you'd be more than happy to lend your expertise to this matter.*

Migo - RAGHHH! Where does the yarrow grow? WHERE?! WHERE?! WHERE?!


Sebille - *Take the yarrow plant from your pouch and offer it to him.*

Narrator - *The creature gingerly takes the plant into his bloodied hands. He runs his fingertips over the white flowers. His panting breath slows.*

Migo - Darling dear, dear darling child. Hello, yarrow girl... Can it really be you?

Sebille - *Ask the creature why it was looking for that flower. *

Narrator - *The creature clenches the plant tightly; his breath quickens. He seems liable to lunge at you at the drop of a pin.*

Migo - You wouldn't understand. A father's pride. A father's loue.

Narrator - *The creature begins to weep. Fast, silent tears spill from his eyes as he clutches the little cluster of flowers to his heart.*

Migo - For you. My ring. Part of me. Name of Migo. Thank


Migo - Hmm? You. What. WHAT IS IT?

Sebille - *Say you'd like to ask him a few questions, if he wouldn't mind.*

Migo - Go.

Sebille - *Say it seems as though someone has... interfered with him. In body and in mind. Does he know what happened?*

Migo - Told you, didn't I? They crossed my wires. Hammer goes clang. And then the worms crawl in.

Sebille - *Ask if he can remember his name, where he came from-anything.*

Migo - Name of Migo. Come out of Arx. My daughter's a magister. Pretty-haired Yarrow girl. She doesn't know about all this though. DONT YOU DARE BLAME HER. Pretty-haired Yarrow girl.

Sebille - *Ask him if he's referring to THE Hammer, the right hand of Bishop Alexandar.*

Migo - Clang. Clang. Horrible old sadist. Filled my brain with holes. The devil lives inside her. Believe you me.




Strategy Guide/Tips

  • Migo has a high armor rating and poison attacks.


  • BURP
  • "Mmmm-mmm"
  • "yes, yes, yes, yes, yes... delectable"
  • "Yarrow girl, you've grown, you have."
  • "Ha-ha! It's been too long, my dear."
  • "Pretty... Pretty... Pretty"