The Camping Syllabus is a Item in Fallout 76.

The Camping Syllabus is an Item in Fallout 76.


Miguel left a camping Syllabus inside his tent to present to any volunteers who come along.


Attribute Value
Weight 1
Value 0


  • Miguel's Campsite
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Camping Syllabus

  • 1. Find a safe spot. Be sure to look for fresh animal -- OR human! -- droppings nearby. If you find doo-doo, better shoo-shoo!
  • 2. Use recycled materials to construct your tent. You can find scraps just about anywhere.
  • 3. Why have a camp? Cooking stations, even your own stash!
  • Assignment: Students should check in with any local Responder and build up a camp. In the camp, volunteers should construct a simple cooking station and a stash box and demonstrate that knowledge to the local Responder.