A Ceiling Zapper in Fortnite BR.

The Ceiling Zapper is a type of Trap in Fortnite Battle Royale.


A ceiling trap.

Place on Ceiling and it will discharge a big electrical shock to any enemy who steps under it.

How to deploy the Ceiling Zapper

  • Enter building mode (Q on PC)
  • Select the Trap slot (F5 on PC)
  • Aim at a ceiling
  • If the trap is highlighted blue, you can place it there.
  • If the trap is highlighted red, you cannot place it there. Choose a different spot.


Value Attribute
Name Ceiling Zapper
Rarity Rare
Type Trap - Ceiling
Class Electric


Inventory Icon



Strategy Guide/Tips

  • Place some loot under the ceiling zapper to lure the person in.
  • Traps kill only enemy players, they do not affect the player who placed them, or their teammates. so you can walk under the Ceiling Zapper safely without getting zapped by it.
  • Watch out for enemy ceiling zappers. Look up if you hear an electric buzz or see some blue light. You can destroy the trap with a gun from a safe distance.

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