Clinger ("Sticky Grenades") in Fortnite BR. Stick this explosive to any surface... or player!

The Clinger (also referred to sometimes a "Sticky Grenade") is an item in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Introduced in patch V.3.6

"Stick it to your enemies and score the Victory Royale"

What it does

  • Stick this to an enemy or to a structure
  • Clings to any player hit or to any surface
  • Detonates after a delay of 2.5 seconds (once attached)
  • Deals 100 damage to players
  • Deals 200 damage to structures
  • Clingers have a radius of 1 tile

How to use

Just throw it/stick it on an enemy or on a fort and move away before it detonates.

Where to find


Strategy Guide/Tips

  • Countdown/delay of 2.5 seconds before explosion starts only once this explosive has been attached to the target.
  • Cannot explode in the air.
  • If the structure it is attached to is destroyed, the Clinger will detonate early.