An Epic vending machine in Fortnite BR.

The Epic Vending Machine is a type of Vending Machine in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Can be distinguished by the purple color on its display.


  • The Epic Vending Machine lets you exchange 400 of a single material (Wood, Stone, Metal) for an Epic item such as a Epic Weapon or other type of Epic gear such as potions and equipment.

How it works

  • Vending Machines can be found in different locations around the map.
  • All items in a purple vending machine will be of Epic rarity
  • Price is 400 of a single resource for an Epic item (weapons, potions, etc)

Example setup

Possible Items

Items you get from the purple vending machine may include the following:

Strategy Guide/Tips

  • Use your Harvesting Tool to cycle through the items faster.
  • The Epic vending machine has great gear so be sure to have resources ready as you can have a chance to get items such as SCARs and Sniper Rifles.
  • If you have excess resources in your inventory, you should also buy equipment for your squadmates, so that your squad is better prepared for endgame.


Vending Machine Locations

The map below has possible locations of vending Machines:


Vending Machines