Moisty Mire as it appears on the minimap in Fortnite BR

Moisty Mire is an area in Fortnite Battle Royale.


A remote swamp area. Also known as THE spot.


Moisty Mire is located in the southeast corner of the map, east of Fatal Fields.

See map below.




Strategy Guide/Tips

  • The area consists mostly of a swamp along with a few wooden cabins
  • There is a prison on the northwest of this area with some decent loot and lots of places to hide.
  • Lots of trees so you can get a lot of Wood.
  • Chance for a few chests in this area.
  • A lot of people avoid starting here because of the swamp and the low number of buildings, so it's less crowded than other starting area. This makes it a good place to land since you might not have much competition here and can end up with some good weapons and a lot of resources.
  • Moisty Mire has recently become a more popular starting point with usually about 5 people landing there
  • The large "loot tree" can have 2-3 chests.
  • Treehouse usually has good loot as well.

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