A Supply Drop in Fortnite BR

The Supply Drop is a box with supplies that gets dropped in the battlefield in Fortnite Battle Royale.

A typical supply drop will have:


  • The Supply Drop is a loot crate that is dropped somewhere random on the map.
  • You will hear a plane flying over when one is dropped.
  • Looks like a box with a parachute
  • Falls from the sky slowly.
  • Blue flare is dropped where it's going to spawn, creating a Blue Smoke.


Strategy Guide/Tips

  • Supply Drops usually yield better loot than regular chests.
  • Lots of other players will be trying to get to the supply drop, if the area is too crowded you may wish to avoid going after it, or you can set up an ambush for other players especially if you have explosives.
  • Supply drops don't seem to be very rare, but they are spread out across the map, making it very hard to get two of them in rapid succession.
  • If you see the Blue Smoke try building a fort around it to defend the position.
  • You can shoot the parachute (balloon) to make the supply drop drop faster, although the parachute has a lot of health and takes a long time to destroy.


  • Supply drops were added to the game on October 4th, 2017, along with Duos.