A Wall Dynamo in Fortnite BR.

The Wall Dynamo is a type of Trap in Fortnite Battle Royale.


A Wall trap.

Place on Wall and it will electrocute any enemy who passes near it.

How to deploy the Wall Dynamo

  • Enter building mode (Q on PC)
  • Select the Trap slot (F5 on PC)
  • Aim at a Wall
  • If the trap is highlighted blue, you can place it there.
  • If the trap is highlighted red, you cannot place it there. Choose a different spot.


Value Attribute
Name Wall Dynamo
Rarity Rare
Type Trap - Wall
Class Electric


Inventory Icon



Strategy Guide/Tips

  • Place some visible loot in the room where the trap is to lure the person in.
  • Traps kill only enemy players, they do not affect the player who placed them, or their teammates. so you can walk near the trap safely without triggering it.
  • Watch out for enemy Wall Dynamos. Listen for an electric buzz and watch for blue-lit rooms. You can destroy the trap with a gun from a safe distance.

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