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[[Skyrim: Main Hall Roof|Main Hall, Roof]]
[[Skyrim: Main Hall Roof|Main Hall, Roof]]
[[Skyrim: Cellar|Cellar]]

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Carpenter's Workbench in Skyrim Hearthfire

Carpenter's Workbench is a crafting station in Skyrim: Hearthfire. It is used by the Player Housing system.[1].

Choose an item to create


House, Foundation

House, Wall Framing

House, Walls

House, Floor

House, Roof Framing

House, Roof

House, Door

Main Hall, Door

Main Hall, Foundation

Main Hall, Floor

Main Hall, Wall Framing

Main Hall, First Level Walls

Main Hall, Second Floor Supports

Main Hall, Roof Framing

Main Hall, Second Level Walls

Main Hall, Roof



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