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Rare Gifts is a Radiant Quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Quest Giver Location Quest Item Reward
Captain Aldis Castle Dour The Mirrior Leveled Amount of Gold
Lami Jorgen and Lami's House Song of the Alchemists +1 Alchemy
Rustleif Rustleif's House Night Falls on Sentinel +1 Smithing
Siddgeir Jarl's Longhouse Black-Briar Mead 2-3 Leveled Potions
Torbjorn Shatter-Shield House of Clan Shatter-Shield Amulet of Arkay Leveled amount of gold
Ysolda Ysolda's House Mammoth Tusk +1 Speech


The Mirror[edit]

The book can be found in the Palace of Kings in Windhelm. Taking this copy will count as stealing unless you are a Thane of Eastmarch. The Captain will accept a Stolen copy.

Song of the Alchemists[edit]

This book has to be stolen. Once this quest is active, a copy will appear in the Bards College on the main floor. The book can also be found in Anise's Cabin.

Night Falls on Sentinel[edit]

This book can be found in the Swindler's Den for this quest. It can also be found South of The Guardian Stones in Falkreath Hold in a bandit camp.

Black-Briar Mead[edit]

This mead can easily be found or bought at the Black-Briar Meadery. This mead is available from many innkeepers throughout Skyrim. It can be found in the cave that you exit as you are completing Unbound

Amulet of Arkay[edit]

The AMulet of Arkay can be found at Wayward Pass at the Shrine of Arkay. One can also easily be obtained by starting The Taste of Death.

Mammoth Tusk[edit]

Mammoth Tusks can be found in Halted Stream Camp if you don't want to steal any.

Finding any Hunters will give you a chance to buy one. Their camps can also have one laying around

If you are willing to steal one, a number can be found throughout Whiterun.

  • Dragonreach - Jarl's Quarters: Go upstairs into the main room. The tusk is atop the bookcase to the right from the door.
  • Jorrvaskr - Table in the left-hand room
  • The Bannered Mare - Top of the Bookshelf behind the counter